Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday.

Well, well....I'm actually back with a post in < 10 days! (Let's see how long it lasts..) As you know it's Friday, and I'm uber happy about it. I don't have to man the shop tomorrow and I plan on enjoying every moment of the weekend with my mister. I have a few goals to accomplish this of which I mentioned yesterday..increasing my new succulent garden! If all goes as planned tomorrow, Babe and I are guna hit a few local nurseries....and if I don't find what I'm looking for, I have plenty of succulent must-haves to purchase from The Succulent Garden on Etsy. I'm also hoping to fit in some thrift-therapy, and an evening bike ride.
I'm REALLY looking forward to Sunday brother (whom I haven't seen since Thanksgiving 2008) is in coming to town and we have dinner plans. I haven't decided where I want to take him yet because my obvious choice would be Cibo (my favorite pizza ever, ever, ever!) but I feel like I always choose Cibo, and want to (maybe) try something out of my usual realm. Any ideas Phoenicians? Let me know!
In honor of this happy Friday, here are a few images that make me happy. Click the images for sources.

Pretty pastel vintage radio...with a pretty little flaw.
Cuba Gallery: Retro / radio / vintage / speaker / typography / wood / cool / green / photography / music

Pretty embroidered pillows.
Embroidered pillows

Pretty pink little lady, and pretty polaroids.
Girly girl

Pretty handmade birdhouses. (Another project I want to do)
Vintage Fabric Birdhouses

Pretty neckties made from vintage fabric.
Vintage fabric neckties

Pretty pink LOVE gnomes.
Love gnomes are in!

Pretty Dutch Tulip gardens.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
xo. traci.

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