Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I find something new to love everyday.

Seriously-- Someone, somewhere, is doing or making new things for me to fall in love with every single day. I am attempting to start a blog series of my "new loves", to share the love, and spread the word about all the things I find to fancy. Maybe you shall fancy them too...? 

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the Keep Calm Gallery, a London based art forum, with an emphasis on typography and screen-printing. I fell in love with nearly everything on the site, these are a few of my favorites:
These tea towels were seriously made for me....I loathe doing dishes, my mister has to do all of ours--but I'll dry 'em anytime, anyday. And I am so one-of-those-people that love word searches, crosswords, sudoku puzzles, ect. just for fun or to pass the time.
All images and artists were sourced from the Keep Calm Gallery, please check them out to learn more.

Hope you enjoyed my new loves, please share your new loves with us!
I'll be back next week with more of my new loves.
Ta ta.
xo. Traci

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