Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Neat story.

As I've been watching Netflix recently, I've been noticing a lot of vintage pieces used as set props that I have in my very own home. It's so much fun to notice those sorts of things. 
This screen shot is from the movie "Grown Ups" that I watched with weekend with my babe. (Very funny movie btw...)

And here's my matching mug!!

Neat story, right?!?!
I've also been watching "That 70's Show" from the beginning, and boy-oh-boy I've seen soo many identical accessories and clothing that either Butter Toast has, or I have myself. It would be so much fun to work on a set like that...ahh vintage heaven!!

Anywhoo, toodalou for now. Have a lovely rest of your night!!
xo. Traci

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