Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crafty fun, soon to come.

I'm starting preparations for a new project Jasmine and I want to create to liven up the shop for spring...fabric bunting! Josh over at GrowOp next door created an uh-mazing little display of plaid bunting above their patio and entryway, and we instantly fell in love! It has so much charm!! (Remind me to share a photo soon) We want to add our own twist, so we are going to use vintage floral fabrics, a scalloped shape, and I'm crocheting the line to string the flags on (instead of using bias tape). I'm so excited!! I can't wait to get crafty again. March has been too busy to even think straight, but I feel some creative energy coming on!! These are a few images I gathered for inspiration...

LOVE the scalloped shape of this one
scalloped fabric garland

Floral Green & Pink Bunting

Vintage style Bunting

Floral vintage style Cath Kidston bunting
Click the images for sources.

I hope Jaz and I can find the time sooner than later to accomplish this little project. I think once March comes to a close, we will finally have a bit of breathing room! Hooray!

Happy Hump Day to you!!

xo. Traci


  1. this is going to look great for your shop!! i love bunting, the floral patterns are beautiful. i can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  2. Do you have any good techniques we should use? I've personally only made paper bunting before...and I have sewing machine fright. Help!?!


  3. Honestly, I am also afraid of my sewing machine! I'm an avid hand sewer, it always takes forever to make anything! I'm always up for overcoming fears though. When are you guys planning on making it? I might try and bust my sewing machine out to see what I can come up with. ^_^

  4. i was looking through some of my old DIY stuff and I found this video that might be helpful for your bunting! ^_^