Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrifted Thursday.

Well hello. I've been bad at blogging this week. Whoopsy, I reeeaaallly meant to get back on track but it didn't happen. It certainly turned out to be a busier week that I expected. Although I'm exhausted, plenty of great things came from it...some extra money, a fantastic photoshoot with fantastic new models, and of course, the topic of this post, some UH-mazing thrifted finds!! After my "day" job yesterday, I had a huge itch to do go thrifting. I was torn on going or not because my handsome mister lucked out and didn't have to go into the office so I had him at home, all to myself. It was quite a decision...cuddling versus thrifting, two of my very favorite things...well, got to do a little of both, hooray!

My thrifted treasures (clockwise):
1. Bright blue vintage Samsonite shoulder perfect condition! It's already holding all of my work essentials.
2. (Can't really see it..) But the blue bag is sitting atop of a lovely olive green vintage suitcase, in mint condition as well. I'm thinking I may use it for a kitty bed mentioned here.
3. Three matching vintage faux floral paintings...they are actually just printed on particle board, but I love their aesthetic, and they match my living room perfectly!
4. Vintage olive green/brown plate...I have one exactly like it, and I was so excited to find a match!
5. Vintage picnic basket, again, in great condition! I was seriously scoring left and right!
6. A plethora of vintage contrasting/reversible floral towels and add to my collection. <3
7. A pretty vintage floral mug. My new collection of these is growly rapidly and they look so cute in my exposed kitchen shelves.
8. Little shabby chic pink and white'll probably go in my bathroom. :)

Man, oh man, I left my thirfting adventures one happy lady!
I'm going to start some new listings for our online shop here shortly...And again, I'm going to try to get back on track with blogging. Bare with me :)

Have you thrifted any thing fantastic lately?

xo. Traci

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