Friday, November 12, 2010

Feline Friday.

Hey y'all. Happy Friday to you! It's been a lovely crisp morning here in Phoenix, with a high temp of 72 couldn't be more beautiful! Now that it's been so lovely outside, we've been keeping the doors at home open more to let fresh air in, and to let our kitties out to enjoy the has been quite a funny experience. Between April's (the little one) "big girl" attitude, bug chasing, and hissyfits with the neighborhood mister and I have had some great laughs at them lately. I've also recently found some pretty great/funny/awesome cat things online lately, and thus prompted another addition of Feline Friday. 
Ready. Set. Go!

A few wacky paintings:
Cute and Kitschy:
World's cutest door stop:
Paul & Joe Kitty LIPSTICK! 

My inner cat lady has to come out now and then. I get it from my grandma. ;)

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Hope your Friday has started out great!!!
xo. Traci

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