Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swoon Saturday.

Hi. It's the Saturday after First Friday...and my head hurts a bit. But that doesn't stop me from swooning over oh-so-many things. :)

[1] This AMAZING upcycled vintage pet bed. My girls (kitties) are definitely getting one for Christmas!!
[2] Vintage floral brooches. I really need to expand my collection as well as the shop's collection. They are so pretty, I especially love to wear them/see them worn on hats. Found these little pretties on Etsy via RaeOfLight.

[3] OK, so I'm not "swooning" over this, but it's certainly good for some giggles. Enjoy!

Teehee! My dear friend Nicolle posted this on her facebook, I felt it necessary to share!! I'm not going to lie, I wanted to have a few panda moments this week, but I suppose it wouldnt be so funny if I wasn't wearing a giant panda costume.

I hope everyone's weekend has started off great, and (yay!) my headache is starting to seize!
Ta ta.
 xo. Traci

side note: I'm sorry I've been lacking in the post department this week, it's inevitable on First Friday weeks...I'll get back on schedule next week :)

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