Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifted Thursday.....ish.

Hey there, and Happy Thursday! 
So, although I did find some awesome goodies at thrift shops this week...I totally forgot to snap a few pics to share. One of the things I've been on the hunt for is coffee mugs. The mister and I have a ton of coffee mugs, but they are all super small with awkward handles, (thanks, Ikea) I told Brad I'd solve the problem and find some vintage mugs at thrift shops..thus fulfilling my love of thrifting and our need for better coffee mugs. I found three cute mugs...but none were especially large (oops). I also found a real cute tweed fitted blazer similar to the one we have for sale here. And a sweet leather patchwork satchel, an ethnic mini shoulder bag, AND the most amazing chair I've seen in a long while. I will most definitely need to snap some pics to share of that one...I spent almost an entire day cleaning and sprucing it up to place in my living room.

But enough about my thrifted goodies...I have something else consuming my mind this week. My Anniversary!! My mister, Brad, and I have officially been dating two years as of Halloween night. I know for a lot of people, Halloween is their favorite holiday....but I'm more than happy to change Halloween to My Anniversary. Dressing up and all is a lot of fun, but Halloween marks so much more than that for me nowadays...It's now my/our day to celebrate being in love. 
Last year we spent our anniversary at The Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ. (See post about it here.) We had such an amazing time, I've decided that it shall be our annual anniversary desination from here on out. I know we'll never get sick of this place, it's a total dream come true. Last year, we stayed in the Tiki Bus, and this year we upgraded to the Yacht! A friend of mine suggested wearing a nautical wardrobe for the I asked Babe if I could dress him up all weekend and he agreed!! (We'll see if I can actually get him into everything I picked out). 
Ahhh, I'm so excited I can barely contain my excitement!! I will be back next week with a recap post of it all. For now, check out some images I snagged from Shady Dell's website of the 1940's yacht I reserved for us. (The fridge comes stocked with a bottle of champayne...How perfect for the occasion!)

I hope to take a million photos of our weekend to share! Saturday can not come soon enough!!
I'm going to get back to daydreaming now (teehee). I hope y'all are having a lovely day.

xo. Traci

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