Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Loves v.7

Ello' ladies and gents (?), It's Tuesday and I'm back with a New Loves post. Lately, I've really been leaning towards new artists that I've stumbled upon (mostly via Etsy)...and today is no different. 
...I just want to mention that I will forever love Etsy and all that it has allowed artists & crafters (ect.) to do. I love them for opening up this amazing creative forum that I will forever find inspiration from. It is so incredible to be able to enjoy the creative works of others on the site. 

One of the (many) artists I've recently fallen in love with on Etsy, is Elsita.  Her work is minimalistic, yet strikingly cute, with subtle dark undertones. The absence of a face creates a grim image in my head, it's the mystery of it all...but somehow, her prints remain pretty in my eyes, and leave me wanting more of the story behind the picture.
I hope you enjoy her art as much as I do, and please check out her Etsy shop, Elsita.

All images were sourced from Elsita's Etsy Shop.

Ciao for now, friends.

xo. Traci

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