Friday, February 11, 2011

In the Mood for Love.

Hello! And happy, happy Friday to you! I have no idea why, but the great film maker, Wan Kar Wai, has been on my mind today. His imagery is so intriguing and colorful. His scoring is dramatic, yet beautiful. And he knows how to make a really good love story. If you like foreign films, I highly suggest checking out his film series ""Days of being Wild", "In the Mood for Love", and "2046". The films were released over the course of 13 years creating an informal love trilogy. They would be great Valentine movies for you and your sweetie to enjoy over the weekend. I pulled a few lovely stills from the films for your viewing pleasure.

 Sources: Google search.

I know that you can stream "In the Mood for Love" via Netflix because it's in my queue right now, the others are sometimes a bit harder to find, but well worth the search.

On another note:
My mister and I decided that we would start a lunch date tradition on my Saturdays off, and tomorrow happens to be one of those Saturdays, so I'm getting pretty excited. One of my favorite customers, Elisa, works at a cafe called The Main Ingredient down the street from us, and I've been meaning to go forever. Tomorrow is a perfect excuse. I'd also like to see a flick on our date, and I think "Gnomeo & Juliet" and "Little Fockers" are in the running. Suggestions?

Have a lovely weekend friends!
xo. Traci

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