Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ladies in Butter Toast.

Hey there! We got word today of a blog feature from one of our dear customers here at Butter Toast, which prompted me to scour for some other photos with our lovely BTB shoppers and their BTB vintage. It warms my heart so, to see our customers wearing and enjoying the vintage they find here.

The lovely Celine of The Wardrobe Diaries. Ethnic Bag from Butter Toast.

Miss Kristine of Kristine. Or Polly. Floral Skirt from Butter Toast.

Photo snagged from The Wardrobe Diaries. Bottom left floral dress from Butter Toast. And I see at least 3 regular BTB shoppers. Love you ladies!!

Check out this post, and this post to learn more about the ladies and their vintage looks.

I loved these words from Kristine:
"I got this skirt at Butter Toast boutique in Phoenix - to all you Phoenicians out there (I think that's what they call us...), have you guys been there? It is a cute little house on Roosevelt Row filled with vintage goodness, and the owners are always so, so sweet. I loved this print because it reminded me of Betsey Johnson. And I love Betsey." 

I wish I got to see more photos of our shoppers in their goodies. Ladies and Gents, send us your photos!! (wearing your Butter Toast vintage of course). I'd love to make a 'customer appreciation' post more often!

Hope you're having a fantastic Tuesday.
xo. Traci

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  1. what a fabulous blog post! your shop is amazing, i think this is just the begining of wonderful things to come!