Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thrifted Thursday.

Well Happy Thursday to you! If you've been following this blog at all, you may have noticed that I haven't done a "Thrifted Thursday" series in three whole weeks! Reason being- I hadn't done anything thrifting whatsoever for at least two weeks, life just got too busy...But, I definitely made up for it this last week by thrifting almost everyday! Man-o-man, I got a lot of awesome stuff, so much so, that I couldn't even photograph it all. But I definitely have several things to share with you today. 
Okay. I'm going to start at the bottom left corner and work clockwise:
1. A plethora of pink/s crocheted hangers...a nickle a piece! My whole closet will be full someday. <3
2. A retro yellow metal colander, it's such a pretty retro yellow!
3. A green floral apron adorned with pretty ric rac :)
4. Mirrors!! Lots of them- A dark blue gridded one,  a floral trimmed one, a gold rectangle one, a mini oval gold one, and not to mention THREE floral mirrored trays (not all pictured). I was in mirror heaven!
5. More floral vintage mugs to add to my collection <3
6. Set of 3 metal trays-- green with yellow daisies. 
7. Set of Mushroom salt and pepper shakers, complete with toothpick holder. (See next photo for detail)
8. A silly holiday start my holiday knick knacks collection.
9. Pretty orange and white pot holder set.
10. Set of silver Owl salt and pepper shakers!
11. And a silver sitting fawn!
12. A load of itty bity plastic fawns and mini pine trees. ( My dream of a cute Holiday fawn collection is slowly coming true!)
I was scoring left and right! Hooray!

Last night, I was feeling slightly festive after listening to Christmas music all day, so I started putting pretty gold and red bows on random household items, and I dressed up some of my little figurines for the's a pretty sad attempt at an Xmas display, but it was an attempt no less. ;)
They look slightly festive, right? haha.
I wish I had more time in life to be cute and decorative. Le sigh, maybe someday...

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday. Tomorrow is First Friday, and Sun Ghost is performing at the shop, so come by and say hi!!

xo. Traci

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