Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday.

Hey, hey.
Man-o-man, I've had an exhausting day. I just spent the last 9+ hours on my feet, and it feels beyond amazing to sit down right now to ponder wonderful things.
Here are a few things that I think are wonderful today...

Russian doll: scrapped!
A mega giant Russian Doll...oh my!

Russian Doll Keychains
Another adorable creation from Fantastic Toys.

Matryoshka Cupcake Toppers 12 handmade
Cutie Cupcake Toppers...what a sweet idea!

7pc_Semenov Beauties_Nesting_Dolls_2009_Reg
Nesting Dolls..I'm still on a search for a cute set for my place.

I guess I'm in a Russian Doll mood today, but how could you not find Matryoshka wonderful?
Click the images for sources.

What's wonderful about your Wednesday?

xo. Traci

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