Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifted Thursday.

I'm back with another Thrifted Thursday! 
I swear I can't let a week go by without hitting at least 1-2 thrift stores, some weeks it's more like 7-8. It's therapy for me...thrift therapy. I can be in a fully grumpy mood, but somehow digging through a thrift store to find some precious hidden treasures turns my frown upside down. 

1.Yarn. In perfect Autumn colors!
2. Pretty little floral vintage mug. Sipping coffee just got cuter.
3. Patchwork floral table runner...also in Fall colors!
4. Pyrex mixing bowl with olive flowers.

I really enjoyed how almost everything I found was in Fall very fitting for the season!

And last but certainly not least, I picked up this UH-dorable golf sweater.
I can't wait to wear it!!

What have you thrifted this week?

xo. Traci.


  1. teehee! isn't it cute!! things like that make me so happy.