Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifted Thursday.

'Ello. It's Thursday, and I'm back with some new (yet, old) thrifted finds. Last week's thrifting adventure was very Autumn themed, and this weeks trip also had a theme going on...girlie girl! I don't know why, but I was quite attracted to pretty little girlie items.

 1. Vintage cutting board/cheese platter...with pretty little prairie girl on it. It reads " A cup of kindness goes a long way."
2. (Hard to see) Light pink shabby chic frame.
3. Lovely crocheted hanger in peach yarn...I've been looking for one with a plastic vs. wood hanger to copy the pattern, I want every hanger in my closet to be that cute!
 4. A painted glass window display, with a cute little gardening girl on it...It looks so precious in our kitchen window!
5. Lovely little strawberry teacup/mug. More cuteness for my coffee :)

Oh being a girl can be so much fun!

Any great thrifted finds for you lately??

Have a lovely rest of your day!!
 xo. Traci

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