Monday, October 25, 2010

Whimsical Woodlands.

The mister and I realized recently that we have not been able to go camping this year...major bummer. And now, that it's finally beautiful outside, our lives are so crazy busy we barely have time to see each other, let alone get away for a camping adventure. (Well, we have an adventure planned this weekend, but more on that later).  Last year in early November we went to Alpine, AZ at the very end of camping season, and it was perfect-- gorgeous yellows and oranges everywhere, elk left and right, and we had the whole campsite to ourselves! I really hope we can fit in a quick trip before it's too cold. 
I compiled some awesome woodlands-y photos, via Etsy:

Oh man, I need some non-city, immediately.
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xo. Traci


  1. Love the woodland inspiration. You should check out my sister's stuff on etsy too

  2. Oh wow, her stuff is great!! Adding her shop to my favorites!! <3