Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Loves v.3

Well happy Tuesday everyone! I almost blew off doing this blog today because I really want to get some thrifting in before my babe gets home from work....but, that wouldn't be very helpful for my blogging goals, now would it? So let's say hooray for sticking to goals!! I'm sure I can make some extra time for thrifting later this evening :)
I don't know about you, but I love love love Modcloth.com. Of course, because it's mostly vintage inspired...and they offer multiple sizes (a rarity in vintage shopping). Here's what I'm currently loving on the site right now...

Perfect for this autumn tranisition period...easy to wear and feminine.

Just the right amount of girlie details. So sweet.

Every year I go through a sailor phase. Sailor looks will never die, in my eyes.

Wearing tights and socks again, is my FAVORITE part of cold weather. Can't wait!

This is just weird enough for me.

I love me some reusable bags...and this one is cute to the max!

And what kind of Butter Toast owner would I be if I didn't include something having to do with toast....!!!
Not too certain I could pull this off myself, but I love it for its toast value.

All images were sourced from Modcloth.com!

Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!
xo. Traci


  1. Yes! I too am going through a nautical phase right now. I'm pulling out my stripey & navy pieces today actually. Great picks!