Friday, February 26, 2010

Granny Squares.

About three months ago, I decided that my next goal in life was to become a great crocheter. This was largely due to my grandmother, whom I idolize infinitely. She was an incredible women altogether, but I especially admire her painting and crochet talent. I was cuddled up in one of her afghans the night I decided that I want to be just like her when I grow up.

And thus began my crochet obsession. I love it so much, even to the point that I often have dreams of myself crocheting beautiful, amazing, magical, inventive things. It consumes my mind nearly all the time (You can probably expect lots and lots of crochet inspired blogs from here on out). I'm still very much in the beginning stage of learning, but I do impress myself now and again, when new techniques finally click and I have pretty results. I've made some cutesy headbands (which I now sell at Butter Toast, $7) and some scarves, a handbag, ect. But my new book, The Crochet Bible, has opened my eyes to so many new and wonderful projects to create. Recently, I was struggling with a fairly basic motif, the Granny Square. I tried and failed night after night of attempting it... Until about 2 days ago, when it finally just clicked. I don't know how I figured out the mistake I was making, but when I did, it was an exciting breakthrough for me.

I have this amazing vintage floral chair at home, so I've decided my newest crochet project will be to create a matching granny squares accessory for it.

I haven't quite decided yet if I'm going to make a matching pillow or afghan with my newly mastered granny squares. I'm also toying with the idea of making a few adorable motifs with matching yarn, and mounting/framing them to hang above the chair. The possibilities are endless with all the new techniques I'm learning!

I am unmistakeably my grandmother's granddaughter.


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