Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blast from the past: TV.

As we continue to grow our businesses, Butter Toast Boutique and Billie Goat Vintage, we understand that blogging has become such an integral part of doing so. Thus, we are making a huge effort to start posting more.... More about fashion, more about vintage, and more about our lives in general. We think it's important that our readers and customers have the opportunity to get to really know us, know what we are all about, style-wise & personality-wise. So to start this effort I am attempting to create a Blast from the past blog series. Blast from the past will share with you some of our favorite things from our own childhoods, hopefully many of you remember and love the same things we do. Being a child is a precious thing, and I vow never to forget the things that shaped my interests growing up and made me who I am today. Long Live Childhood!!

Some of my favorite TV shows from childhood:

I miss being a kid.

photos: google images.

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