Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dino Land.

My boyfriend's family had some unfortunate happenings this weekend when their fully reliable SUV decided to poop out on them about an hour east of the AZ border. What a way to start spring break, huh?!? So they were stuck in Gallup, NM and my mom came up with the brilliant idea to use her truck and tow them to AZ where the rest of the fam is, and plenty of auto repair places nearby. It was such a good idea, and it worked out perfect. Babe and I weren't working on Sunday so we got up bright and early to save the day! 

One of my favorite parts of to drive to New Mexico is traveling through Holbrook, AZ. Why, you ask? Because its FULL of Dinosaurs! It's kind of like traveling through the Twilight Zone or something...there are dinosaur statues everywhere-- big and small, every color of the rainbow. These are a few shots of our stop in Holbrook. Enjoy the Dino goodess!!

I saw this sign at the gas station we stopped at. 
I can't understand why she looks so sad/scared.
Maybe scared of being ran over??

I got the day off of work today, so I'm going to go play in the sun with Brad's family. Can't wait! I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!
xo. Traci


  1. when we moved here to AZ we stayed in the bad part of town in Gallup, NM. It was an interesting stay thats for sure! I remember passing by Dino Land! Now I really wish we would have stopped. I'm glad it went well and everyone was save! ^_^

  2. So cool! I've driven through Holbrook but never seen the dinos - might have to make another trip now! :)

  3. Oh wow! I think I drove thu there once and always wondered where it was so I could go back. Do they have dinosaurs with people hanging out of their mouths? Why is the caveman family missing your faces?

  4. @Luster-- The fence was locked, or my face woulda totally been all up in that cave family :)
    and yes, I saw like 4 dinos with people in their mouths...its the funniest town ever!!

    @Kat-- we had to spend about 8 hours in Gallup that day and that was enough for me!! I don't know how you stayed overnight!! Eeep!

    @Carrie--Highly recommend a trip back, look closely, the dinos are hiding everywhere!!