Friday, December 3, 2010

Feline Friday.

Ho ho ho! Happy Friday! 
I'm going to kick off the first Friday in December with another creepy cat lady post! Meow! 
I also wanted to share a small back story as to why I have turned into such a cat lady over the past two years. And as I think about it, I'm not so sure my back story will be so small...but I'll try to condense it as much as possible. 
It started with a new boyfriend and a nameless cat he recently took in. His nameless cat, was rather scrawny, and undernourished from being a stray for what seemed like awhile...we guessed-imated she was about 2 years old, and had birthed a litter. While the nameless kitty was shy, she was certainly affectionate, and loooved sleeping at the top of the bed right next to our heads. This nameless cat needed a name but since she was so shy at first nothing was striking us as a fitting name. So I suggested we name her something kind of silly...and we came up with Yolanda, or Yoyo for short. I swear the second we started calling her Yolanda her personality changed...into the most sassy cat ever. Every meow that has come out of her mouth since then has a sassy tone, and not only that, but she has plumped out into such a fatty cat! So she went from a scrawny, shy little thing into the biggest, sassiest cat I ever did see. And we love her for it! She's quite the talker, especially as the first ray of light comes into the bedroom in the morning...she bitches until we get out of bed so she can hog the whole thing.

And then, there was April. My mom found a itty bity kitty on the side of the freeway on April 1st, 2009. Hence, the name April...I would've come up with something more silly if I named her. Anywho, a few days into taking the kitten in, my mom realized she had too many animals already and asked if we wanted her. I couldn't deny her precious little self and her grandpa-like whiskers and goatee. 
Now, don't let that cute little face fool you. This one ended up being half terrorist (in a good way). After I brought her home, it took a couple days for the hissy fits to stop between the girls, but Yoyo soon took on a motherly role for our new little tot. We knew right away that April wasn't like other kittens...She has turned out to be the most high energy, rowdy cat with the biggest personality I've ever seen! She loves to get into and cause trouble...she's just as bad as a dog in that sense. She loves stalking and pouncing Yoyo at any given time (all the time), loves playing in the shower curtains (or my maxi dresses), loves to get splashed with water (seriously), and loves to watch (and cause trouble) while mama gets ready for the day. She's super talkative, pretty sassy, and at the same time the biggest cuddle muffin ever. 
Both of my cats are UH-mazing, I can't imagine life without these two huge 
personalities hogging up the household. They have turned me into a "cat-lady", and I'm not ashamed of it!!
♥ ♥ ♥
Now let's move onto all the awesome cat stuff I've been ooogaling over lately!

Via Modcloth:
I would actually send out Holiday cards if I had these cuties!!
yes please!!

Via Etsy:
Someone please get me this for Xmas!!

Addional sources: exceptionalclutter, winkinpossum, bmegdesigns, NeatoKeen.

I hope everyone's Friday has started out lovely <3
xo. Traci

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