Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thrifted Thursday.

Hey y'all. Happy Thursday to you! 
It's beautiful outside so I'm in an extra great mood. Open doors and windows sort of beautiful! Ahhh it feels so good to actually be able to wear layers! Oh how I love me some tights and blazers...
(well today is skinny jeans + blazer, but you get me, right?)
Thursday means I'm back with another installment of Thrifted Thursday...
Last weekend I traveled way out to the NW valley to one of my fave thrift shops that I hadn't been to in quite some time...and it was well worth it. I actually had to put back a bunch of stuff because I had surpassed my personal spending limit. 

Here's a little glance at just a few things I got...
I was having some fun with my new phone's camera apps, so I apologize if you are the sort who doesn't love overly edited photos...I didn't tweek these at all, my phone did.

 1. Pretty vintage floral jar
 2. A *matching* pyrex baking dish (same pattern as my last pyrex purchase)
 3. A gorgeous vintage scarf (perfect holiday colors, I'm already planning X-mas week outfits, teehee)
4. A perfect set of Russian nesting dolls, mentioned here.
Plus some pretty vintage linens:
AND some beautiful vintage slips, they were still in my laundry pile so no photo of those... sorry.

Thrifted anything good lately??

xo. Traci


  1. Omg the pyrex, swoooooooon!! Score for sure.

  2. Any thrifted Pyrex is a dream come true!! Have you seen the prices people charge on Etsy (and elsewhere)?!?!!?