Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swoon Saturday.

Hello Saturday! 
It's another gorgeous day here in Downtown Phoenix, so you know I'm in a good mood!
I'm back with another Swoon Saturday, to share all the things I've been swooning over the past couple weeks..This, of course, is just a short list, of the many, many things I tend to swoon over on a constant basis.

Let's begin. I'm currently swooning over:

 These fantastic elegant cat images by Rosiemusic on Etsy. They are too good!
This print by Rosiemusic is also reminds me of my mister and I...
We spend countless evenings together in the living room with our dog-like kitty. He plays guitar, and I crochet, craft, read, or play word puzzles...we love♥ being at home together.

This adorable use of wallpaper as seen on Apartment Therapy.
I think I would use a colorful floral pattern if I did this and white just wouldn't mesh well with the rest of my place. Nonetheless, a fabulous idea.

This image from Flickr. I kind-of-really want EVERYTHING in it.
ribbon print skirt

This set of Pyrex nesting match my other recent pyrex finds. I'm SO tempted to purchase these myself, but I really want to test my thrift-hunting skills to score more that match.

And of course, the new phone that has consumed the mister and I lately. Ahhh, they are such an upgrade from our previous pieces of shit. Plus, now we have matching phones...cute, right? Teehee.
(Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile)

I could seriously go on forever about the things I swoon over, but I'm going stop here for now.
I hope you are having a splendid Saturday.

xo. Traci

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