Friday, August 6, 2010

Sushi Crochet, Hooray!

Well, hello.

I'm craving sushi. I've been without for far too long. I've been gazing at these lovely crocheted sushi pieces....they are mega adorable, but somehow a mouthful of yarn won't satisfy this craving. I'm going to make a sushi date with my love this weekend, hands down.


Crochet Sushi!


Mmmm sushi....


Yum Yum Yum!

So, I finally gathered the images from my crochet cactus project I mentioned in the last post...But the mister and I have been having horrible car troubles to I had to walk to the shop today, no biggie, but I so didn't feel like lugging my laptop in today. I pinky promise, I will post them tomorrow....I think it turned out pretty cute for my first time around, I can't wait to make a whole cactus garden!

Gotta get back to store duties loves....It's First Friday, so we must prepare for the art walk.

Have a super Friday night!

xo, traci

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