Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Brand New Butter Toast

Oh hi. Yep, another 10 days without a post...please forgive. It's been a busy, busy couple of weeks at the Toast...Went on a major shopping extravaganza for the shop last week....and boy-oh-boy did we find some amazing vintage gems. Our store is SO packed with new merchandise that we have to add more racks! Sadly, we are losing the mini craft shop, Merry May Handmade, in the second room of our shop... But we will be filling the spot in no time with handmade pieces from local Phoenix designers and of course, more vintage! We will be spending the rest of the week rearranging and reorganizing the shop to accommodate all the new goodies. Come First Friday, we will have a brand new Butter Toast!
And, by the way, I did achieve my goal of getting all of our former online merchandise transferred to the new Butter Toast Etsy shop last week, hooray! However, I have not had much time for new listings...expect more later this week.

Here's a little toast for your Tuesday. <3

Toast on Pavement


Mr. Toast

sources: click the pics.

Ta ta. xo


  1. I'm not leaving doll baby. Just rearranging : ) I still wanna be a part of things...

  2. Sad to hear about Merry May :( Best of luck to her! If you are looking for any other designers let me know! I have some examples on my blog pinsandneedlesblog.blogspot.com Many of my items have not been posted yet, I am holding out for a big photo shoot before the Grand Ave Fest.

  3. Ashley P., We'd love to have some of your items here! Come by and let's talk. <3