Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretty Pumpkins.

Hey there...extra long time no see. Once again, I've let a couple months pass without a single blog post. With the changing of the season, we have kept ourselves extremely busy here at Butter Toast. Autumn is treating us very well...but spare time has seemed to all but disappear. With that said, I want to apologize for the absence. I would normally now promise to post more regularly, but as we've come to find out, I can't always keep my blogging promises. So let's just get onto the pretty pumpkins!!

 (source: my pintrest)

I say forget traditional pumpkin carving...I'm adopting pumpkin flowers and pumpkin painting! I love all these cute ideas I've come across on Pintrest. We have a load of pumpkins outside of Butter Toast right now...I really hope I can find the time to paint at least a couple of them this season. The upside of not carving?...They'll look cute well past Halloween!

Hope this weekend is treating you well.
xo. Traci

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  1. I love all the painted pumpkins! Less mess... well unless you have a three year old, like me, paint can get pretty messy!

    <3much love!