Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drooling Over Denim.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Jasmine and I (Angela) were on the hunt over the weekend searching for amazing vintage denim. My main project this summer as an intern for Butter Toast is to create and design a photo shoot, which I am extremely excited about (who wouldn't be?). My vision: denim on denim, with a side of denim.

We have lots of denim scraps at the store (from cutting pants into shorts and what not), and thought we should create some denim accessories for the shoot. Here are some of our ideas:

[All images sourced from Etsy.]

I also thought some fingerless gloves would look super cool in denim, but have no idea how we would make them (my sewing abilities are below elementary). We would love to get some suggestions on other possible denim accessories!

Happy Summer,

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