Friday, June 10, 2011

Babies in Butter Toast.

There's nothing more precious than an itty bitty baby wearing super cute itty bitty vintage clothes...the cuteness is overwhelming! We are constantly adding to our baby collection, so stop by and see if Butter Toast has anything magical for your little one!!
 This is Marek, he lives next door to me, and he's such a stud.
Sailor onezie from Butter Toast.

 This is Amelie, I have yet to meet this little angel, but she has super great parents that I'm very fond of.
Ruffle-bum jumper from Butter Toast.

And this is Poppy on her 3-month birthday!!
Bunny romper/bonnet set from Butter Toast.

Little (somewhat known) secret: I'm mommy crazy lately...I can't wait for a little beeb to call my own. The mister and I are hoping for a little bundle of joy sometime soon :). I've been stocking up on my vintage baby clothes when the time comes my little beeb will be very well-dressed. 
Alright, back to baby daydreams for now...

If you have your little one in Butter Toast vintage, I'd love to see and share photos!! Send them my way! []

xo. Traci

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  1. How cute are these babes?! I think it's high time for me to peek in their and get some duds for Carter. Perhaps something to go with the new baby-fedora his dad picked up for him this week!