Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swoon Saturday.

Well happy, happy Saturday!! It's freaking beautiful in Phoenix today, and I'm in an extra great mood! Check out my swoon list. I've been ultra oogaling lately. 

sources: unknown. grabbed from lovey bohemia



Sur la rou(lot)te des vacances

Lovely vintage table cloth

New - Yarn crochet mannequin
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Holy cute. I've just been day dreaming about living in one of those itty bitty houses/caravans all day. Every moment would extra special in a place like that. Ahhh, maybe someday..

On another note, I will dressing up like a unicorn tonight for a party. And my mister will be a hobo. Should be fun, I'll try to get lots of pics!

Have a happy weekend!
xo. Traci

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  1. Totally uber cuteness factor going on there! I'd also love to have one of those places as a second live-in quarter. So much fun!!