Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our First Instax Photo.

Well hello! Last weekend I ordered myself an Instax as an early birthday present, and it arrived in the mail yesterday!! It was quite an exciting moment for me since I've been wanting one for, like, ever. Well, at least since I discovered Polaroid film was no longer being made (a year after the fact), right after I picked up a cute retro Polaroid cam from my friend Ashley's garage sale. I had the choice of ordering Polaroid-compatible film from a Norwegian company and pay outrageous shipping, or save up for an Instax, and be able to get film locally. Since film is the most important part of an instant camera, I figured Instax was the way to go. I wanted to make my very first Instax photo one of the mister and I, the first of many Instax memories to come. Here it is!! 

[Brad is wearing a vintage pearl button western shirt. I'm in a vintage boho sweater, both from Butter Toast.]
My face got kinda whited out, and in hindsight I wish I wasn't so scrubby for our first Instax photo, but oh well. Man-o-man I can't wait for our future Instax memories!! I got 10 packs of film when I ordered, so hopefully that'll last me a bit. 
Kaylah at The Dainty Squid started a great Instax project. I think I may join in on the fun.

I hope your Thursday is treating you well!!
xo. Traci


  1. So cute! I've got polaroid cameras at home and I've been saving the little bit of film I had left in them... until my boyfriend picked them up to check them out the other night and managed to shoot off my last photo without realizing! So now I have a nice polaroid of his forehead and the ceiling.

  2. Ahhh what a bummer!! after this photo we took like 4 useless photos trying to figure out the settings, i hate the wasted feeling you get with a bad instant photo. i have so many of me trying to catch a kiss with the mister, and only end up with the tops of our heads. Luckily, the Instax has a lens/mirror attachment specifically for taking pictures of yourself.