Thursday, January 6, 2011

Color Wheel.

After reading Ashley's post about hair styling/color yesterday, I very much missed the fun I used to have with my hair. Back then, I had some friends in Beauty School so it was super easy/affordable to change my hair every few months. As of late, my hair is pretty au-natural, my busy schedule hardly allows for much personal beauty time. Honestly, I'm lucky if can get my hair done more than once a year.....But my Birthday is coming up at the end of the month, and I certainly plan on pampering myself a bit when that time comes. Take a look at my hair in transition over the past few years:
Black with extensions.
Brown w/reddish tones.
 full-on neon red.
bright red getting lighter..
 from neon red, to neon orange.
jump to blond.
dirty blond.
a natural reddish color.
and me now! natural color with ombre ends.

I highly doubt I'd ever go back to an outrageous color, but it's super fun to reminisce over the past. It's amazing how a new color can change your look completely! Now I just gotta figure out what the heck I want to do with my hair next. Dot, dot, dot...
I hope you're having a fantastic week! I must get back to work. It's been pretty busy 'round these parts lately!
xo. Traci


  1. Great post! I'd shock myself if I looked back at my abundance of hairstyles :)

  2. weeeee hair transition photos. such a good idear