Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Loves v.11

Hello! It's Tuesday, and I'm back with my New Loves series. Alas, it is another artist edition, but a new form of media has struck my fancy lately... photography. Especially vintage looking, feminine, whimsical sorts of photography. If you haven't stumbled upon Lola's Room via Etsy or some other forum, you must, must, must(!) look and adore her pretty pictures. I feel like I'm probably the last person to come across her lovely images, but hopefully it will be new to someone out there. 

These images are just a few of my favorites. Lola's Room is jammed packed with precious, pretty, 'spend your day daydreaming about' photos. click-here-for-more!

xo. Traci

[All images were sourced from Lola'sRoom.]

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