Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Rush!

Hi there! Ahh, I've been a bit absent lately, haven't I? 
I've been under the weather for a few days and between recuperating and hustling to finish some handmade holiday gifts, I've barely had time for the internet, or anything else for that matter. I'm not much of a plan-ahead-er, so of course this past week has felt like quite the holiday rush. But alas, I did get to finish some handmade gifts for some of my closest friends. I can't wait to share photos, but of course I don't want to post them before the big day

As I've mentioned, this is my first festive holiday in quite some time. My cheery mood came a little late, so I didn't get to make a lot of the cute holiday projects I've come across recently...boohoo. This coming year, I'm going to work on holiday projects year round to be ultra prepared for next year's holiday season! I really want to send my mister's mother a 'Christmas in July' package full of handmade and retro holiday cheer. She is quite the lover of Christmas, and I know how much she would love more Holiday decor. These are a few more project ideas I've come across I want to make happen for next year.

Mistletoe 1

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I can't wait to make next year extra special and festive with handmade lovelies!
I'll be sure to share posts about my progress, and any how-to's I come across.

I'd love to hear about your handmade holiday ideas!
xo. Traci

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