Monday, December 27, 2010

Handmade Holiday.

Hey there. Merry Monday! I ran out of time to post this yesterday, but here's a little looksy at the handmade gifts I made this cozies!

The morning I snapped these quick photos, the light was shining in the room in the most artsy way, teehee.
After I made cozies for my best friends, I decided the mister and I needed one too :). Then on Christmas I brought our cozies to my Aunt's to use (and kinda show off) and now my newly 21 year-old sister wants one, my mum, and one of my cousins. Woot! Everyone was talking about how much I remind them of my late grandmother. It was truly a compliment for me, because we were very very close when she was living, and she is still my biggest idol. Granny-love ♥.

I'm starting to pack up all the holiday goodies in our Christmas can be messy. We left a bunch of wrapping paper on the floor so our kitties could enjoy it, and now it's alllll over the place in itty bitty pieces, because April, the terrorist, just loves to make momma clean, hahah.

On a Butter Toast note: Jasmine, my business partner, loved the cozy I made her....I think I may start making them for the shop...I'd love to get some feedback from our shoppers..
1.) good idea/bad idea?
2.) colors? men and women?
3.) how much would you pay?

Let me know!!
xo. Traci

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