Saturday, November 20, 2010

Swoon Saturday.

Hey there! Happy Saturday to you! Okay, so I've always been that girl who doesn't like to decorate the house for holidays throughout the year...I don't know why, maybe I'm just not that festive...It just always feels kinda cheesy to me for some reason. BUT, this year, I've seen so many cute holiday displays, I may have to change my mind about holiday decorating. There is something so dang cute about holiday fawn...I'm convinced that if I had a stellar collection of vintage fawn, I'd want to dress them up for the holidays. These cutesy kitschy fawns are what I'm currently swooning over today...Maybe by next holiday season I can collect enough to make an adorable display myself!

Deer stuff

2009 deer

Jakob's forest cabinet



The littlest details....

Vintage Deer
Click the images for sources.

I'm ultra-mega swooning over that last image...what a fantastic collection!!

Elsie's holiday fawn display is ultra adorable, I always love her displays.
Holiday Fawns

So far, this is as festive as I've been able to get at the shop...I'm going to work a little more on holiday displays after Thanksgiving.

Hope your weekend is going lovely thusfar!
Ta ta. xo. Traci

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