Monday, November 15, 2010

Long lost love.

I realized today that I have not crocheted anything in quite some time. Crocheting used to be my go-to hobby whenever I was bored or stressed (it turned into a therapy for me), but lately I keep finding new things to get interested in/collect/swoon over that I've completely neglected my crocheting...and I had a goal this year to make a little something for the many people on my holiday gift list...pfft, mid-November isn't the best time to remember such a thing! So it looks like I better get-a-workin' if I want to complete anything substantial before the holidays. To gain inspiration, I browsed Etsy (of course) to get some ideas on what I should work on next. So many cute things to make, whatever shall I start with?

I really wish I had more time to make everyone I love something adorable for the holidays. Hopefully, I can at least knock out a few awesome handmade gifts before the time comes :)

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xo. Traci

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  1. these are all so adorable! i've recently been loving anything knitted :)