Wednesday, August 11, 2010

good day, wednesday.

Today was a nice little change from my weekly routine. Typically, I'm always at Butter Toast open to close on Wednesdays, but not today...My lovely business partner, Jasmine, let me take it easy while she manned the shop all morning.
And I definitely did take it easy. Woke up around 8am with my babe. Made us a yummy breakfast. Watched a few episodes of Weeds. The went back to sleep for 3 hours. It was such a lovely little break.

I'm looking forward to Craft Night hosted by Merry May Handmade tomorrow night. I'm finally going to put the finishing touches on the little gnome I've been working on. Here's a little looksy of what I've finished so far <3

The porcelain fawn modeling my gnome-in-progress is one of my favorite buys ever, also from the lovely Ashley at Merry May Handmade.
All I have to do now is add a beard and some button eyes, stuff him, then sew him all up! Please come join us for Craft Night every 2nd Thursday of the month. Located at Butter Toast Boutique, 5pm-8pm.

Tonight, we are rounding up our photoshoot crew to for yet another vintage shoot for our online store.
Maybe I'll snap a few behind the scenes shots and share them you all soon!!

Ta ta,
xo, traci

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