Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to BTB's Blog


Hey lovelies!
Stay tuned for updates about the store...about vintage...about style....about our daily lives...our daily encounters...people who inspire us....organizations we love...ect....we love to blog, even if it is random...but you should know whats going on inside our stylish little minds!

Butter Toast wants to know what's inside your stylish minds feel free to post photos, quotes, thoughts, ANYTHING (fashionably appropriate)... we want to know YOU <3



  1. Hey Lovlies,
    It was good to meet you two and visit your dope lil boutique!! I heard bout the news from Derrick..Congrats!!
    Going to try and make it back to AZ for art detour..hope to see you and have fun with your success!! you gurls rock my face off!!
    all the best
    michael from cali.

  2. hey Michael is was great meeting you the other day....
    and Thanks! we are so excited for the move. hope we see you again, sooner rather than later,
    and Good Luck with your trip back up to Fresno and on!